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Holiday shopping with the timberlakes

the lovely couple and their adorable youngster hit the streets on good ol New York City to get some shopping done this week. 

Click the image below to view the rest of the set in the image gallery.


Just in time for the holidays.

As if Justin Timberlake didn’t already have enough on his plate, working in the studio with Pharrell and lending his voice to the recently released animated film Trolls, he’s relaunching his clothing label William Rast, which he co-founded with longtime friend Trace Ayala in 2005 in Los Angeles, and partnering with Gilt to sell new and exclusive styles from the label.
“This relaunch reflects where we are at right now — clothes that are a bit more mature and refined, yet comfortable and casual at the same time,” said Timberlake.

The William Rast x Gilt shop will feature a curated selection of items from the new collection, including a caramel suede jacket, an embroidered bomber, denim jackets, relaxed chinos, low-top kicks and mirrored sunglasses. Priced between $69 for accessories up to $369 for the apparel and outerwear, the e-comm goes live here Thursday at 9 p.m. ET.
“This season’s collection has a little something for all occasions. We focused on great basics that work whether you’re going out in the city or hanging out in the woods,” added Ayala. “I can’t get enough of our denim jackets this season!”

In September, the two announced the relaunch of William Rast, a name that combines Timberlake’s grandfather’s first name and Ayala’s grandfather’s last name, with a promo video (below).
“To talk about the brand, you have to understand where we grew up,” said Timberlake in the clip. The duo grew up in Memphis, Tenn., and their hometown of Millington is, as the performer points out, right down the road from Nashville, “the cornerstone of country music, but Memphis is also home of the blues and birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll.” 
As a result, Timberlake noted that the William Rast brand has “got to be a little bit country, and it’s got to be a little bit rock ‘n’ roll at the same time.”

Songwriter Roundtable: Justin Timberlake, Sting, Alicia Keys and More Hitmakers on Gender Bias, Trump’s “Hitler-Level” Rhetoric and Fears of a “Divided States of America”

The artists behind songs in this season’s movies — also including Tori Amos, John Legend and Pharrell Williams — join THR’s first-ever Songwriter Roundtable discussion to reveal the feeling of “blacking out” (in a good way), the freedom of not wearing makeup and their concerns for a post-election America.

Gather six of Hollywood’s top singer-songwriters and what you get, not surprisingly, is more like a symphony than an ordinary conversation. Each of the celebrated artists on THR’s first-ever Songwriter Roundtable — Alicia Keys, 35 (who composed “Back to Life” for Queen of Katwe); Justin Timberlake, 35 (“Can’t Stop the Feeling!” for Trolls, in which he also stars); Tori Amos, 53 (“Flicker” for Audrie & Daisy); previous Oscar nominees Sting, 65 (“The Empty Chair” for Jim: The James Foley Story), and Pharrell Williams, 43 (“I See a Victory” for Hidden Figures, which he also produced); and 2015 Oscar winner John Legend, 37 (“Start a Fire” for La La Land) — has a unique voice that came through loud and clear as they shared their artistic and political passions. On Nov. 7, the day before the election, they all were hopeful for a Hillary Clinton victory and concerned about the bruising campaign. “It’s dangerous for us to be complacent” in the face of Trump’s divisive rhetoric, Legend said. But he also noted this group’s place in fighting that complacency. “Part of the power of art and music is that we are able to transcend those boundaries.”
At what point in your life did you first fall in love with music?
ALICIA KEYS I was about 4 years old. I remember the moment that it happened. It was somewhere between Cookie Monster, when he sang this song —

KEYS No. “I Left My Cookie at the Disco.” And on the other side was “It’s Not Easy Being Green.”

JOHN LEGEND Oh, I love that song.

KEYS So that kind of cross-sectioned with a teacher that I had who was really a big music lover and encouraged us to do theater and songs, and I learned “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” And that all gave me my moment to learn how to sing and see what it felt like. And it felt like this feeling I couldn’t describe and I still can’t describe it now.
PHARRELL WILLIAMS I thought everybody was in love with music. I thought we all had those things where that one part in the Stevie Wonder song or the Earth, Wind and Fire song or the Steely Dan song, the bridge, was the thing that made everybody say, “Yeah, that part!” I thought everyone did that. And then you get in junior high school and you start saying those kinds of things and then …

Strange doctor

Imagine if you walked in a room and this was your doctor ?    

Justin Timberlake Had This to Say About His New Solo Album

Justin Timberlake’s movie Trolls just had a big weekend!
The new movie featured a ton of new music from JT, which has everyone looking ahead to his next musical project, a solo album.
And in a new Variety interview he has revealed it will take his music in a new direction. 
“It’s not the opposite of my last album the 20/20 Experience, but if that sounded like it surrounds your entire head this one will punch you between the eyes.” 
Trolls is in theaters now.
Read more: http://z100.iheart.com/onair/ryan-seacrest-52241/justin-timberlake-had-this-to-say-15268141/#ixzz4PLCCZNda

Variety magazine scans 

Check out the scans from Justin’s latest magazine spread and some sexy new pictures! Click the image above 

Justin Timberlake shames Ellen DeGeneres for epic lyrics fail

Following in the footsteps of Taylor Swift after the “Starbucks lovers” debacle, Justin Timberlake finds himself setting the record straight on his summer smash “Can’t Stop the Feeling.”

During Friday’s episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the host told Timberlake the lyrics to his song’s climax were “just electric.” It all started when Timberlake revealed that his and wife Jessica Biel’s 18-month-old son Silas knows all the words to the hit. “You know how much I love that song,” said DeGeneres. “I sent you a video of me singing that song.”
“My favorite was you’re like, ‘Just electric,’” explained Timberlake, imitating DeGeneres’ lyrics fail. “I was like, ‘That’s not the words.’”
“It says, ‘Just electric.’ Those are the words,” countered DeGeneres.
Confident that he knew his own song, Timberlake went back and forth with DeGeneres. “It pretty clearly says, ‘Just imagine,’” he said.
“Really?!” said a shocked DeGeneres, who polled the audience to make sure she wasn’t alone. “Did y’all know that?”
To gain support, DeGeneres played the song and danced as Timberlake laughed. “Alright, well, I’m glad to see some other people thought it was ‘just electric,’” she said.

“I don’t think anyone raised their hand,” said Timberlake, prompting DeGeneres to call for back-up from the audience. As hands rose, Timberlake shut it down: “That’s sympathy — no, no, no, no.”

The singer also touched on his family’s Halloween celebration and gushed about Silas, revealing that his “amazing” little boy is taking after his dad on the golf course (though he’s not quite scoring) and with his dance moves. Halloween was a different story, though. “He was not feeling his wig,” Timberlake said of Silas, who matched his parents in Trolls costumes. “He didn’t want to keep his wig .

Variety magazine

This weeks issue of variety magazine features our favorite man jt as its cover story! 

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