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Considering the fact that most news is found on social media and can be seen from various sources faster than can be uploaded on a website, WOJ has decided to NOT have news be its main feature as in the past. WoJ will continue to bring news, but it will be posted on the news portion. which can be found in the menu. Let’s be real, noone goes to the site for news… more so for media! if you do not follow WOJ on social media, please do so so you can get the full effect!

goldenClick the image above to check out over 90 gorgeous photos of the best dressed couple st the 74th annual golden globes ceremony. 

so this main page is now for the most current stuff… scroll to find new videos and photos.


1/13/2017 save the date lol…. on that day we get some new Justin media! not only can we listen to the book of love soundtrack/ score composed by our fav guy, but we can watch all the behind the scenes footage of him making it when you buy the HD version on itunes. or just come to woj…. cuz i’ll have it  (click image above)

Justin recently did a sexy yet casual shoot for an online magazine, shot by Robby Klein. you can check out the images in the gallery.


Whoever said that couples get boring when they get married clearly hasn’t spent time with the Timberlakes. JT and wifey attended a Lakers game and gave quite a show.


Rumor has it that Justin will join bestie Jimmy Fallon for the opening number on the Golden Globes.

….. I guess we shall see

Everyday new Videos are added to IG and Youtube, but WOJ always has the best collection in one place! check out our favs!

whats new from the JT catelog ? check out below.

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iTunes Extra will feature some Justin Goodies on their release of the film ” the book of love”
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9/18/2016 - Vanity Fair Italia (Cover)
9/24/2016 - Trolls Soundtrack release (new music)
10/8/2016 - Graham Norton BBC (interview)
10/11/2016 - The Today Show (interview)

10/12/2016 - Justin Timberlake and the Tennessee Kids live on netflix (documentary)
10/12/2016 - Red Magazine (article)
10/26/2016 - The Tonight show starring Jimmy Fallon (guest)
11/04/2016 - Trolls release (voice)

[coming soon]


Title : Trolls
Character : Branch
Release : 2016
iTunes | Amazon | Official Site | IMDB
Media Links : Gallery

Title : Runner Runner
Character : Richie First
Release : 2013
iTunes | Amazon | Official Site | IMDB
Media Links : Gallery

Title : Inside Llewyn Davis
Character : Jim
Release : 2013
iTunes | Amazon | Official Site | IMDB
Media Links : Gallery

Title : Love Never Felt So Good
By : Michael Jackson f/Justin Timberlake
Release : 2015
iTunes | Amazon | Official Site | IMDB
Watch Video : wojtv.com