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Added some old candids

Well kinda old lol from January! As most of you know the gallery was hacked a few months ago leaving us with no pictures and then we got sued by an agency for using their photos so I’ve been kind of cautious about even posting candids, but we kinda need them lol. But here is that set 

Trolls 2 is happening

Whoooooooo !!!!! As if We all didn’t already absolutely love trolls, dreamworks has decided to go ahead with production of a sequel. Justin and Anna have already signed on to play their characters poppy and branch! Look forward to that in 2020! 


And the oscar goes to …. not justin Timberlake . (It’s the award that lala land actually won ba dum pshhhh). Despite the fact that our fav guy did not take home the little gold man, he did put on one hell of a performance to kick off the night. 

In the hours leading up to the biggest night in Hollywood the networks had their pre awards red carpet events and woj got all the videos! Below are the links where you can view all the interviews justin and the wife did, as well as his superb performance of his oscar nominated hit “can’t stop the feelin”.

Woody Allen film get title

Although it hasn’t been officially announced by U.S. distributor Amazon Studios yet, if history repeats itself, a new Woody Allen film will arrive this summer. It’s also the most fitting release window in some time for the director as his next feature takes place in the summer days of the 1950s, specifically in Coney Island. Although no more plot details beyond the setting have been revealed, the newly announced title should be of no surprise to those familiar with the Brooklyn locale.
Titled Wonder Wheel, it takes its name from Deno’s amusement park located there, whose circular main attraction opened back in 1920. This title was revealed by Mars Film CEO Stephane Celerier (via Woody Allen Pages), so presumably they’ll reunite with Allen to distribute his latest film in France once again.
Starring Kate Winslet and Justin Timberlake (who plays a life guard, as we can glean from set photos), as well as Juno Temple, Jim Belushi, Tony Sirico, Jack Gore, Steve Schirripa, and Max Casella, we wouldn’t be surprised if Allen returns to Cannes once again for a premiere, so stay tuned. In the meantime, one can see the first look above, featuring Timberlake, Winslet, and Temple, which actually surfaced back during its early fall shoot.

Oscars …

So our favorite guy will be on stage at this years academy awards to perform his nominated hit “can’t stop the feelin” and we can’t wait to see it!!!!

On this day : 2002

A certain pop royal couple attended a basketball game sitting court side with fellow *NSYNC band mate chris kirkpatrick and comedian chris tucker. The two seemed to be having a good time despite the fact that shortly after their relationship would be over. 

Check out images from that night HERE

Pebble beach

check out some photos from Justin’s round today from some fans as well as professional shots. You can view those in the gallery HERE

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02/05/2017 - People's choice awards (nominee)
02/07/2017 - Trolls DVD release (voice)
02/10/2017 - Hollywood Reporter (cover story)
02/25/2017 - Academy Awards (nominee/performer)


Title : Trolls
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Release : 2016
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Title : Runner Runner
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Title : Inside Llewyn Davis
Character : Jim
Release : 2013
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Release : 2015
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